Finally, you have made the decision to purchase your treadmill. Now you can forget about a number of related scary diseases and easily keep the size of your waist in check. A good treadmill is a wise investment and with the proper care it is guaranteed to last for quite a while. This means that you will have to learn some basic maintenance tips and how to use your treadmill. This is the most preferred workout machine for most individuals.  When purchasing one, you will be bombarded with numerous designs to choose from. Each design has its own unique maintenance tips that you should be well versed with.

Your treadmills manual is the best source of information on how to use your equipment safely. With graphical illustrations, you are unlikely to go wrong with the use of your now precious workout machine. Ensure you get a copy of the manual from your dealer.  This article lays out some tips on how to use your treadmill trouble free.

To start with, keep in mind that, if your machine uses electric power, water or moist surfaces may lead to electric shocks. Avoid using your machine immediately after shower or after taking a swim. You can check our additional resources at Equally, you must use well cushioned walking walking shoes. Fasten your laces before jumping on your treadmill. Loose laces could lead to accidents if they get entangled in the moving parts. This is also the reason you are discouraged from wearing casual when using your equipment. Ensure your training outfit does not have loose ends that can easily get entangled with the bolts and other moving parts of your treadmill.

Another common mistake done by many when using these machines is hoping onto them straight from bed. This is highly discouraged. Ensure you stretch out several times before you get on your treadmill. This reduces the chances of muscle sprains and hamstrings when jogging. Equally important, avoid using your machine when feeling dizzy or on a full stomach. Noting the weight limit of the treadmill is of equal importance. If your treadmill manufacture states the weight  limit is 300 pounds, do not use your machine if you weigh a pound more. Remember that the treadmill has undergone several endurance tests and it does not need any more of that.

By following these safety tips when using your treadmill, you not only get the full benefits from it but also have your treasured investment last longer.